6. Syria 


As we inch ever closer to another unwanted innocent slaying conflict in the Middle East, it’s interesting to see how popular perspectives are shifting as a result of the truth seeping through the barriers of the media monopoly via social media. Between David Cameron’s abhorrently warmongering words today, suggesting that all those who are opposed to the strikes in Syria are ‘terrorist sympathisers’, and the military response units running simulation terrorist attack responses (propaganda much?) are multiple articles, blogs and tweets standing as bastions of opposition to what is essentially another case of criminal money laundering. 

Let’s be clear, War is the most profitable business on our planet. Without war, those who bankroll from it become beggars. With this in mind, let’s breakdown the cynical process. 

A guide to war: 

1) Create an enemy – Preferably they should have a radical ideology that makes them unrelatable to your people. 

2) Arm the enemy – Accidently leave or airdrop weapons into enemy hands. That, or bankroll them indirectly through a corrupt system of soulless businesses. 

3) Allow the enemy to kill your people to validate your retaliation – Hopefully having given them all they need you can rely on them to attack. If not, consider perhaps staging the attack yourself? 

4) Retaliate – Happy killing. Everyone comes home a war hero, forget those in caskets. 

5) Cash in arms cheque 

6) Return to 1 

The war machine powers on.

With the advent of social media and shifts within the traditional press, it has never been a better time to think more deeply about what happens behind our backs. How much of what we are told can we, or should we, believe? 

I would never condemn self defence. It is right to protect our people. However, should we perhaps stop creating our own problems? 

It’s time to change the world. 

Please share this should you agree, we may not change anything but I won’t lose sleep knowing I’ve tried. 

(Photo Eli Woodbine – London 2015) 


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