12. Seven (Guest) 


Todays post comes courtesy of the wonderful George. As a truly reliable friend, George is an everflowing spring of inspiration to me, with his advanced spiritual understanding, perfectly prosaic patter and refreshing openness to life. Today, George outlines to us his ethereal understanding of life and death. 

Seven seconds. In seven seconds a choice can be made, wether it be a tough decision or a whimsical idea. Some people call it a moment, others name it as a quaint serendipitous thought. Never the less, any name it may conjure for yourself, it still only takes seven seconds. The reason for such a random number is not something that can be explained at this point in time, instead it shall be used to explain why I have arrived at the conclusion of what a soul means to me, George.

Dear reader, the following is only one humans perception and theory on what the essence of a soul could mean. Therefore, a pinch of salt is required before tasting the following written word.

Do you remember what it felt like the first time you had a growth spurt as a child? That moment you felt that first ache, and your simple, small frame of a body began to feel different? Well I in fact do. First there was an itch underneath the skin, and then a strain on each joint. My feet began to feel like someone had held each toe in a vice type grip and then they suddenly decided to let go. My first recollection of such a physical feeling was at the age of six. I laid in my single bed, overseas and heat stricken. Kicking of the sheets, I pushed my small frame towards the wall on the right of me and found it almost impossible to fall asleep. I must have ran to my parents bedroom several times during that one particular evening. Sleep was the last thing on that young boys mind.

That pain, was something that was new to me. It created an experience of learning new things about ones self. I was both surprised, amused and like any child, I whimsically through away the thought of it once something new happened in my day to day life. This human bodily action of which we all have been though, was an eye opener while looking back on it. In that one moment I had learnt how out of control I really was in life. My body was growing and nature was concurring over me.

Time had become a sudden worry for this six year old child. No, not what you think, I wasn’t that bright of a child and of course not that deep at such a playful age. Oscar Wild and Maya Angelou had yet placed their magical theories on life in my brain. Instead, it was what I was coming to witness during that same year of my life that changed me as a person.

One summer day in Cyprus, I was helping unpack our lives from cardboard boxes. I stood on a white balcony, looking out at three blocks of flats, each taller than the other. These grey, concrete tree like building hid the daytime sky and made each day a night. I stood there, looking out and suddenly a haunting scream came from one of the concrete trees. Looking closely I saw a white figure, wearing black boots falling from one of the apartments. My eyes were fixated on him and each breathe of mine was lost as more rushed out of this man’s mouth, screaming for help. Suddenly, it was over and my first witness of death had occurred. By the way, I don’t write this to scare you or ask for any sympathy, instead I write this so to show how the human body is a creature all on its own, and it’s control in life is limited. In seven seconds, a man died in front of me. In seven seconds, I looked at my own physical self and became worried of how time was an issue because it chose to move forward, rather than stand still. Some may say an innocence was lost that day, but I chose to instead see it as a birth.

Soul, it’s definition apparently is ‘the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.’

Well, for years I have thought that a soul is the combination of ones knowledge and life experiences. The more we learn, the more soul that is created and shared with others. Optimistically I like to still believe that, because it is through learning we truly can develop ones inner self.

Immortality, well that created a realm of sustaining ones soul and continuing its journey past the physical human body and into a new place, a new realm. This one idea then formulates the argument of a personal heaven for each individual soul, ergo religion. But let’s not drive that car down that path.

My vision in life is to be spiritual, and my love in life is to learn. I act with kindness and through so I feed my own soul with such warmth.

Therefore, in less words, a soul for me is those seven seconds. It’s a creation of time in ones self. It’s the choice between left or right, up or down, love or hate. In seven seconds, you choose to kiss someone or walk past them. The soul is that, it’s the choice of a physical being. It’s immortality is in its actions. When you do something, someone will remember, ergo making the mere idea of you, immortal.


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