18. Hope (Guest) 


Todays guest post comes from a dear friend of mine who, wishing to stay anonymous, is a first time single mum. She tells us a little bit about how her life has changed since having her beautiful baby girl, and how this gift of life has given her a new hope she could never have received alone. 

Buried under my duvet as I type this, my eyes flit from the screen to the pink haze of the room opposite me and back again. My ears constantly alert listening out for coughs, sneezes and other signs of life from my sleeping little one. Over the past 11 months I’ve developed my ability to multitask, but feel I can only concentrate on one thing fully….and that scary, fantastic, thing is being a mummy. 

Hi, I’m B, a 30-something, blogger, professional and also first time single Mamma.

Today I thought about something exciting. The first family Christmas! 

Well hello December you sneaky devil You snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking. 

Not gonna lie I’ve not exactly enjoyed you over the past few years. The weather sucks, it’s cold wet and dark, and this girl was made for sunnier climes. The immediate focus on finding a special gift for that ‘special someone’ and the stupidly romantic Christmas songs can really grate (If your in your mid 30s and single). Not that I want to be all bah humbug! 

This year is different though. 

I never thought I’d have a little person of my own to share Christmas with. Yet amazingly I do! I have my very own sugar plum fairy, a wee Christmas elf, to love spoil and teach about the magic of Christmas. This year is a year of firsts;

– First taste of Christmas cake

– First Christmas decorations and Christmas cards.

– First telling of the Christmas story and singing of the carols

The magic and enthusiasm can come back. The tree has gone up (although it’s knocked down by said little person 20 times a day!!).  

As the big day draws closer and the world and their dog seem to be getting into party mode, I find myself lacking the energy or the time to join them. Instead I look forward to spending time with my precious gift and shining star. 

December you’re forgiven, maybe you’re not so bad after all.

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, 2015) 


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