21. Challenge 


I’ve recently learnt the value of letting life guide you, away from safety and stable logic, to something better for your soul. Recently parting ways with my well-paid and comfortable job, I spent time exploring North America, settling finally in Toronto. The Toronto leg of my journey was previously unplanned but came to me, quite suddenly, days before I was to embark on my American road-trip. I now find myself in a position where I have a strong feeling that Toronto will play host to my next big opportunity. I was challenged by life, showed the necessary resolve to pass through this challenge and am now being rewarded with a little insight into my next step. Should I have not taken the bold move to move on from the safety of my job I would have never uncovered this alternative.

This has got me to thinking about what life really is, revealing a simple yet clear personal understanding of the nature of our existence and within this I have found a great strength. 

Human life is a series of complications, disappointments, errors, challenges and hurdles to be surpassed. Life is NOT easy and it will never be.

Never bemoan the fact it’s hard. 

The first secret is revealed through an understanding that you will only ever be conscious that you are alive at the precise moment we currently share – the present. Therefore, you will spend your entire life chasing happiness should you not be happy in the present. 

Happiness is not an aspiration, it is a lifestyle choice!

The second secret is revealed through properly understanding the value of taking chances. Fear is the absence of love. Any decision made out of pure and innocent love for yourself, or another, is the right decision. Any decision made out of fear, is likely a mistake: As fear is the absence of love and true love perpetuates no mistakes. 

Never be scared to take risks. Winners take risks. 

The final, and biggest secret, is having faith that the universe knows best and allowing life to blow your mind. Believe in a greater good and a greater good will believe in you. 

Love everything, live life as if every moment is your last and have no regrets.

You are the best version of you that will ever exist. 

Enjoy it. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine – Toronto – 2015) 


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  1. That’s a wonderful message! Thank you!! –Paul

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    1. eliwoodbine says:

      Thanks for the support Paul! Stay strong. Eli.

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