30. Christmas 


There is little to be said about Christmas that hasn’t already been covered, but beyond the ocean of hot flowing mulled wine, the mountanous sweet mince pie Alps and the unfathomably guarantuan treat that is the Christmas dinner, there remains a core of joy that shouldn’t be ignored. Within these remarks I detach myself from the religious birthing of the celebration and think only of the spirit of goodwill that seeps through the season, the fun-filled family revelry and open expression of joy. 

In fact, for the religiously impartial spiritualist there is lot to be enjoyed from the world and it’s beautiful cultures. Celebrations of life and love, when surreptitiously sliced from the human constructed legislatory nature of world religion, can be enjoyed, by the discerning few, for what they truly are: pure joy.

Without a second thought, I can speedily cite two major global religious celebrations that can be enjoyed by all, for their apt expression of what it truly is to be human. 

Buddhism provides us with Nirvana Day. On Nirvana Day, celebrants think about their lives and how they can work towards gaining the perfect peace of Nirvana. They remember friends or relations who have recently died and reflect on the fact that death is a part of life for everyone.

Casting any religious aversions aside, this is a task that could be rather fruitful for us all. 

But it is not only the Buddhists who offer us potentially life-affirming festivitie. Hinduism brings to the table, arguably, the most universal of international religious events. Diwali. The Hindu festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. 

Both are truly human affairs and both are open to be enjoyed by someone who is willing to accept a spiritual, religiously agnostic, perspective.  

Spiritual food for soulful thought. 

In all cases, enjoy Christmas. Love your friends and family, share the spirit of the season and have a peaceful and glorious new year. 

Best of wishes, 


(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Montreal, Las Vegas 2015) 


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