35. Dissent 

I recently released a blog post in which I outlined my thoughts about life in London. Although tame in its nature, my opinion was far from popular with a specific, quite vocal, online group. The post received some pretty disagreeable remarks and seemed to antagonise a community of Londeners who wilfully dismissed thoughts that disparaged their beloved city. The reaction frustrated me, that was until the following, inspirational, message appeared.  

I came across your blog this morning and admittedly wrote a few posts of dissent. That said, I’m proud that you’re writing a blog and that you’re brave enough to open up your heart the way you have. It sounds like you’ve been learning and growing a lot lately, which is great.
I grew a small publishing company with a few LGBT community newspapers long before gay love was socially accepted. It was hard to be politically involved, prominent in my community and business to be considered wrong with everything I believed and said. Yet, many tears and years later, finally battles are being won.
You are free to grow, to learn, to experience, to love, and to change your mind. That is all part of life. What I would encourage you to do is to take your lumps as they come. Embrace them and accept them for what they are. Sometimes you’ll be wrong and some times you’ll be right and still get the brunt end of being unpopular, or voted down.
You made an unpopular post. So what! Let it be okay. Let it remain a part of your history and learn to embrace it as much as your popular posts. There is a lesson to be learned and with someone as open and honest as yourself, I doubt you would want to miss out on that lesson.

Lesson learnt. From a rather unlikely source. Such is the magic of life! 

You can see the original ‘offensive’ post here


(Eli Woodbine, London, 2015) 


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