36. Goals 


Many of us don’t realise the value of setting goals. Setting goals, for most, is something done at the beginning of a new year, and promptly forgotten a few short weeks after. Resolutions fade into the irreconcilable January Blues as the multitudes return to their banal and trivial pursuits; painfully aware that they aren’t happy with what they are doing. I’ve learnt to set goals the hard way, don’t make the same mistakes I did! The same mistakes almost everyone makes. 

The simplest reason why setting goals is paramount, is that without goals one cannot achieve. Without setting onself a target, any achievement is rendered significantly less victorious.

I suffer from pretty terrible vertigo, so when I set myself the challenge to climb to the top of the Sun Gate at Macchu Pichu I knew that achieving this would be a great personal victory. I told everyone that I would do it, thereby nullifying any chance to run away, and went for it. 


I was so proud at my accomplishment and the sense of satisfaction was objectively guided by my original goal setting. I conquered my fear, I’ve grown as a person and I have another story to tell. This is the simplest example of goal setting. 

I do have another string to my bow though and this is one that I am compelled to share with you. In short, I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve whatever they that want want from life, given that they exist within non-restricted living parameters, and that the thing that stops most people from doing this is a fear of failure or a subconscious sense that they do not deserve the success that they pine for. This lacking sensibility into our genuine ability to gain personal fulfilment, both on a spiritual and financial level, is something that is carefully manipulated by those duplicitous powers that be, to ensure that we remain subjugated to their power. The concept of subliminal suppression is something that I wish to cover at some other point, but for the purpose of this post I want you to simply consider this. 

What is the difference between you and your hero? What is stopping you from achieving your potential and of the excuses that you give, how many are built on foundations of fear, subconscious subjugation or a sense that you don’t deserve this success? 

I urge you to truly think about what you want from 2016, visualise yourself achieving it, and then go out and do it. 

You deserve everything that you create.

Make your life a masterpiece. 


(Eli Woodbine, London, Peru & Budapest, 2015) 


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