41. Dad (Poem) 

It’s not always been clear and we did want to fight, 

You the king of religion, not self titled of course, 

Me the prince of the light, though I do not know all. 

We clashed until one day I almost was gone, on that same shocking day you saw that all along, 

Love is the core, so explore what the shell can’t ignore, what it draws from the world, 

To be free. 

To be love. 

The war has waged on for a decade, unsure. 

Too much water has passed, below bridge,  and matured I must say, 

All issues aside, once distance has slid off and died, 

Next 30 years passed, I’ll no longer be free to pick up a phone and say quite frankly, 

That nothing should come between our family,

That, and love is the only thing left when deceased. 


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