48. Universe 


I have been fascinated of late with our observable universe, cosmology and concepts surrounding special relativity and time. After some initial research into the building blocks of the universe, I uncovered a truly inspiring scientific truth. In short, it has been proven that we are constructed from the very same material as stars. It may sound quite unbelievable, but this is entirely the case. Gerard Grow, of Lomgleaf.net aptly informs us of this…


It is within this realisation that we can unburden ourselves of our preconceived sense of inadequacy to reveal our truly cosmic potential. 

When staring up at the sky imploring for revelation, we are in all faith ultimately staring inwardly and asking ourselves for said clarity. To ourselves, we are the universe in the same measure as we are part of it. Our perspective will always be fixed to the body that we are enveloped by and we should respect this unique dignity. 

When faced with adversity in life, it is always worth remembering that we are made from the same matter as stars. 
We are the masters of our own perspective. 

We are the universe. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Ontario, 2016) 


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