50. Challenge (Marketing) 


Brands and advertisers ritually task marketers with the complex task of creating both a truly personal one to one experience between brand and consumer, as well as ensuring that this is delivered at scale. Neither scale nor personalised one to one brand experiences are hard to achieve, but conquering both simultaneously is the perennial struggle. Looking to the future it is a marketer’s task to fully understand where the next opportunities lie, fully leveraging new technological developments, and it is with this in mind that we can also understand where the current route to this advertisers’ nirvana can be found. 

Within Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) there is an opportunity to start to engage consumers on a more personal level. Pending the depth of creative quality and the analysis that defines the user, there is the resource at a marketer’s fingertips to develop strategies that deliver both scale and personalisation. 
Equally, there is an opportunity to build out and run a campaign that utilises Augmented Reality (AR) technology to its fullest potential. Should the main user device used to interact with the campaign be the (not so) humble mobile phone, therein lies the opportunity to deliver to a mass market. The AR space is one that is still not being exploited, and advertisers willing to test these waters may be able to reap significant reward.

Another, longer term, potential lies within the possible widespread adoption of wearable devices. Should personal user data, significantly more sophisticated than that attainable from a current mobile device, be extractable, then there is the potential to personalise advertising to the user’s needs on a far more intimate level. Pending wearables entering the mainstream, there is a long term opportunity to use the user’s bodily signals to deliver a truly personal campaign at scale. Whether or not adverts on a wearable device itself will be widely appreciated is another matter, but with the future promising multiple connected devices, the data gleaned from a wearable device could be activated in a wholly different environment, on a totally different device or level. 

One of modern day marketers’ only current available routes is to create a personal experience with a handful of people, ideally those who typify a varied cross-section of our communities, that is recorded and then published at scale to a wide internet audience. If this small scale, but highly personal, one to one user and brand engagement were to go viral for the right reason, then the marketer has hit both of the somewhat contradictory targets set by the advertiser.

Progression within personalising advertising to users is moving ever faster and there is always the dystopian concern that advertising will become too personal and start to offend or terrify its intended market. However, it is the marketer’s prerogative to explore these opportunities and stride onwards in the search to conquer genuine scaled personalisation.
(Photo – Eli Woodbine, England, 2016) 


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