63. Shower (Poem) 

Living in England means living life in an oppressive forced marriage with rain. Whether we love it or hate it, rain forms an integral part of life here on Blighty. So much so, that its inspired me to write this following poem. 

Shower 1. 

Oxford Circus, six thirteen, 

Outlook, cloudy, rain

Two thirty on Hyde Park green,

Light showers, little rain

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday week,

A glimpse of sun may hail,

A fleeting glare of something rare,

No water in my pail. 

Shower 2. 

Clothed in my births simple suit,

I hop into the shower,

Shivering cold, the water warms,

It’s tepid flow of power,

I close my eyes and think outside,

It’s probably quite the same,

For here I live, in the UK

And it always bloody rains. 

(Photo- Eli Woodbine, London, 2016) 


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