67. Exploited 


It’s time to be honest with ourselves, our lifestyles and how we are being regularly manipulated, on both an unconscious and conscious level, to crave and purchase major brand food products. Let’s be clear, major food brands are ritually exploiting physiological human weaknesses and creaming profits by exploiting the fact that they can make food that we physiologically desire and crave, as opposed to just want.

Monitoring mental responses to the consumption of food we can see that junk foods trigger far greater responses within our pleasure receptors, and in most cases thereby triggering a greater level of relaxation, than other healthier alternatives. Simply and neurologically, junk food is optimised to trigger major blissful chemical reactions.

Far from the ever-gifting soils of Mother Nature, junk foods are created by technicians in labs, who play puppetmaster by combining multiple ingredients that press internal brain buttons; thereby ensuring that the junk food is physiologically irresistible. It is widely understood, in the medical sphere, that food is being created to hijack our very mental functions. Sadly, this is something that generally falls on deaf ears; ears that are constantly bombarded with positive brand messaging. In short, if someone tells you that something that’s bad isn’t quite so bad , on enough occasions, you start to believe it.

In fact, certain combinations of sugar and fat can trigger similar reactions to amphetamines and cocaine in our brain chemistry. If this was to be noted on food product packaging, I’m sure many more would be dissuaded from purchasing said item.

There is a sense that we are being slightly deceived by certain major food producing conglomerates, manipulated into consumption by cleverly formed food fakeries.

That said, we win should we be able to moderate our intake. So I would urge you to simply keep an eye on your junk food consumption. What we put in our bodies is a choice, it is our choice. 

As they say, you are what you eat. 

Eat healthy and live healthy. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Toronto, 2016) 


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