69.  Past 

Time travel is, in its purest sense, entirely possible. In fact, you can do it today! Now isn’t that magical? 

When one looks at the moon one is looking one whole second into the past. This is as the moon is one light-second away. As the light from the moon takes a second to reach earth, we will never see it in the present. Yet we can see it. We are looking at the past. 

One second not impressive enough though? 

Let’s take it one stage further my fellow intrepid time-traveller. 

The sun is eight light-minutes away, so we can only ever see the sun in the form that it was eight minutes ago. 

Now that’s time travel!

We must really try to enjoy the simple wonder within this. Firstly, we must appreciate the staggering distance that the light of the sun is travelling, secondly we should revel in the fact that we can look into the past by simply looking at the sun, whilst in the present, and finally we must enjoy the mind-bending whimsy  that this potential advocates. 

If nothing else, this cosmic time travel can reinvigorate our lust for life. When we look at the sun we are looking at its past, but unlike the sun when we look at ourselves we can choose to look at our past or simply reinvent everything in the present. 

When we cast our eyes upwards we realise the grandiosity of the universe, we open ourselves to question the validity of time’s hold on our lives and we have the infinite opportunity to change everything for the better. 

Simply put, We are masters of our own destiny. Whereas to us, the sun will always be a thing of the past. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Birmingham, 2016) 


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  1. zumpoems says:

    We are also of our past. All of our perceptions are delayer and one might argue that even our awareness of ourselves is an awareness of our past selves….

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    1. eliwoodbine says:

      Fascinating thought. In response to that though, one could further argue that our perception of our present ‘is’ the present by its very definition, whether this is of our our past being or not . Just thinking aloud, thanks for the response. Eli.

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      1. zumpoems says:

        Agree. That then possibly means that the present is defined by what we perceive — whether the moon light or that of Mars or Jupiter. What we see then is the present and not a representation of a few minutes ago (or years past as in the case of stars.)

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      2. eliwoodbine says:

        Entirely plausible, an argument that also renders my attempted life affirming message as trivial drivel. That said, our present perspective of ourselves is, within a greater understanding of the construct of time, a more current visualisation than that of the stars. In this sense, take the fact that the same stars in the sky may have been seen by my great grandfather who has long since passed… We both saw these starts… Therefore, They exist not entirely unburdened from our own human reality. Eli.

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  2. eliwoodbine says:

    Thankyou! I do love conversations like this..


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