77. Lazy (Guest) 


Today’s short thought comes from Aleks, who talks to us about the opposite of motivation, the insipid and poisonous power of inactivity and how we can formulate our own downfall through laziness.

Aleks muses that… 

‘Laziness is like the cold in many ways.

It seeps into your body slowly and unwillingly at first, through your extremities into your muscles and eventually into your bones. You become unwilling to move anywhere, see anyone,.. do anything.When you catch it you become ill or/and fatigued.

Rest is a vital process in overcoming any illness or fatigue. However if you mistake your rest for laziness! you will be perpetually ‘under the weather’, so to speak.’

I fully concur with Aleks on all fronts and would continue by adding that procrastination is the younger brother of laziness. As procrastination grows, it will become more and more like laziness. 

All in all, get out there and do something! 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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