80. Motivate


A friend of mine has been suffering with a slight crisis of confidence of late and I have taken it upon myself to try, in all my limited power, to help. The other day, whilst sipping on a hot long black I heard a song from the old repertoire of Colbie Callait, ‘Try’, that inspired me to write these following words. They resonated with my friend when I sent them later in the day.

Every day that you spend not loving yourself is a waste..

And you have wasted a lot of time, too much.. 


Don’t beat yourself up. Done wallow. 


Change today. 

You are a beautiful person, who has done beautiful things.. 

You’ve had amazing adventures around the world…

You’ve made incredible friends and achieved so much.. 

You have no reason not to love you.

Not a single reason. 

But yet you don’t.. Why?

Well.. Because you are hurt.

And we could go there, therein validating those who hurt you, but why waste the time?

Also, guess what… 

You are fucking lucky.. 

Luckier than her

Luckier than him 

Luckier than them

Luckier than millions.. 

So why don’t you love yourself? 

You want to know the secret? 

You already do.. 

You just hide it from yourself. 

So let’s find … You. 

The you that you love 

The you that you are




(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Wards Island, 2016) 


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