89. Kurinji

The flower of the Kurinji Plant, native to the Western Ghats of South India, is one that must be given an extraordinary amount of time to reveal itself. In fact, the blossom of the Kurinji plant is so rare that the Paliyan tribes used to use its bloom as a marker for ascertaining age. The plant only bursts with its beautiful display of blue and violet once every 12 years!

It overcomes all odds, eventually, to unveil its beautiful bloom and it is at the culmination of this lengthy journey (from seed to bloom) that the plant reveals the dignified and egoless glow of its blossom. It shines, quite uniquely beautiful, amongst it’s petal-ly peers. Within this simple cycle, nature is presenting to us an argument as to why we shouldn’t simply ‘fold’ in times of hardship, but instead gain more from understanding the golden potential within complicated times to blossom, much like the Kurinji flower, and reveal our true beauty. 

Although our life’s struggles will never truly be surpassed, until we die, for the average human there is adequate time to learn from our difficulties, confront and forgive those involved within them and ultimately develop the necessary grit and empathy to blossom into bountiful beacons of brilliance, ones that others can learn from.

It may however take more time than we wish. That said, and likening us to the Kurinji plant, forgiving ourselves for our inability to grow quickly is the first step to life-affirming liberation. 

(Photo – Tehelka Magazine, 2015) 


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