97. She (Poem) 

What is the difference between she and me? 



There may be a difference to one such degree. 

But she, and me, cannot be quite so diminishingly apart? 

Well sure, 

My soul is quite purely,

Not that of a man, 

Nor is hers of a girls, we share sameness as planned. 

My masculine cells, create masculine man, and I live as a he, as I should be?

But should I be thee?

Attached to my cells, or in liege with my soul

Dichotomy, grand. Slide into the hole. 

Cells conspire to contradict, 

For I am neither man, nor woman, nor nothing in fairness, 

But a ramshackle mess of sinews and tissues, 

That, and a splash of divine. 

So, perhaps It should transpire, that the thoughts I inspire,

Should be broadened of being, and opened of mind. 

For as genderless me, it would be a sham, 

To be anything but, 

And unmanly man. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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