98. Dying (Guest) 


Ah ha! I’ve got you here. But fear not, I’m not dying. Well I guess I am really, as we’re all dying in some way, but this post is not about my imminent (or maybe not so imminent) death.

Click bait. That’s what it was, and amazingly, there were probably many who were able to scroll right past the title without clicking because it wasn’t shocking enough. 

There is now so much noise online with so many different people clamouring for attention that it is almost impossible to get yourself heard, and we all moan about it. “Why aren’t more people listening to my music?” “Why are my video views down?” “Why is my blog not getting more readers?”

Here’s a different question: “Who do we think we are?” 

Why on earth would anyone actually want to read this? I’m just another person from planet earth with an opinion, and guess what? Everyone else has one too, and now we all have the ability to share these opinions or creations and we expect people to want to listen?

Social media has given us all a platform to express ourselves and finally we can get the recognition we so rightly deserve, except, we’re not getting it.

Here’s a thought: maybe we’re all just mediocre. True brilliance will go viral without click bait. Defining true brilliance is the hard part. You can’t set out to make it, it will just happen, from those who have the ability without knowing it. 

I’m hoping that soon we’ll all realise that and suddenly they’ll be less content screaming for attention and the stuff that is out this is just the brilliance, but i fear this will not be the case. 

“We all want to be big stars, and we’ve got different reasons for that.”

The Counting Crows sang that, and it’s still true, maybe more so than ever.

Society has bred us to crave the acknowledgement, and yet we seem to want it without the brilliance that is required to deserve it.

Part of me wishes they took all money out of art, music or journalism so that the only people who part took in it were those who really felt driven to create. Although that can and never will happen. 

So for now, I’m going to keep creating. No more click bait, I don’t want to lie to get people to listen or watch, maybe what I create will earn success naturally through brilliance, if it doesn’t then at least I tried. 

I’d rather be a trier than a liar.

Today’s guest post was written for us by the wonderful Dave Giles. 

(Photo – Dave Giles, London, 2016) 


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  1. Della Dixon says:

    Always eloquently getting to the truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eliwoodbine says:

      Why Thankyou 🙂


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