103. Condo (Poem) 


I recently moved into a condo block, the first I’ve ever lived in. It’s a peculiar change of lifestyle and almost feels like living in a hotel. It’s a little ecosystem upon itself. My condo building overlooks another and in the evening, if I leave the sliding doors open, I can lay in bed and watch life unfold from the glass wall to the north of my apartment. Now that’s reality TV. I wrote this poem about my experience… 

Apartment 6 on floor 13 is pumping music, flashing lights with devious disrespect tonight,

But likely no one peeps. 

Apartment 9 on the floor below 5, has 2 folks bereft of their clothes in its light, 

A baby may be made.

Apartment 4 on floor number 3 is colourless, blackened with nobody home, darkness engulfed, wouldn’t bother the phone, 

The proprietors may be asleep. 

From my perch here I watch, with delight into night. The city will sleep, in an hour or three,

But the hay is now beckoning me. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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