105. Poutine 


Most would say that a good photo speaks a thousand words, but most photos we see on a daily basis divulge less to us than a simple sentence – I blame the selfie stick. With the wide adoption of devices that house cameras, everyone is now and amateur photographer and ultimately the wheat is densely surrounded in chaff. I took the above photo the other day, on my humble Apple phone, and I think it is one that speaks a thousand words. It captures a fragile emotional experience. 

Let me tell you why.. 

This dog goes by the name ‘Poutine’. If you look deeply into his eyes you can engage with an emotion behind the glaze, he emits a sense of quiescent suffering. Having recently been opened up on an operating table for a persisting health issue he is crippled by pain, but still runs and plays as usual only slightly inhibited. 

The impact that Poutine has had on me of late has been quite profound. He soldiers on, through discomfort, to still enjoy his life. He knows that the secret to finding happiness is to simply choose to be. 

We could all learn a lot from Poutine (the dog not the food). 

This photo, in my humblest opinion, captures something special. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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