111. Closure


It can be hard in life to move on from pain without feeling that we have proper closure. Yet, moving on remains a necessary step in achieving a better existence and doing so promises great value; to those able to use it to their benefit. So how does one move on when there is no closure available? 

Theoretically, moving on should be a simple and solitary practise, and this is indeed what it ultimately is, but in reality it is a lot harder to achieve without support or closure. Therein we find the biggest potential complication. Most of us feel like we need to be justified in our forgiveness and letting go, something that must be attributed to closure with the person or people who have harmed us. We therefore need closure to let go.

But, it is imperative to understand that one can achieve closure internally. It is hard, but it is necessary to learn how to let go without the need of others justifying us. 

We have the ultimate choice and power to fulfill or ignore all of our potential.

To let go and move on from the pain inflicted by another is to also let go and move on from any pain that one has self inflicted on oneself. Through forgiving others we can forgive ourselves for our own transgressions. 

By learning to grow from our pain, we can defy it. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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