112. Cheat 

I always look forward to my cheat day more than I enjoy it on the day – peculiarly. Equally, due to my vast array of dietary problems, don’t ask won’t tell, cheat days are also usually followed by a hangover day of bloatedness, cramps and chest pains. Fun. So why do I continue to have cheat days? 

The last cheat day I had, I have one weekly, I started with a gym session, banana, protein smoothie and coffee.

So far so good. 

Then I ate two slices of very cheesy pizza, at 11am. Carbs, sugar and dairy don’t play nicely with my digestive system; pizza kills me. 

Cheat day had officially commenced. 

I followed pizza, an hour later, with a country style Poutine for an early lunch. This is a Poutine with peas, onions and other assorted seasonal veg (it’s not healthy though). I couldn’t finish it, but I ate as much as I could. Carb and dairy overload. 

After Poutine I went to my local French Pattiserie and bought the cake pictured above. It was a decadent upside down tiramisu delight. It was glorious and extremely sugary. 

By this point, I felt a little ill and didn’t eat till later in the day when I had some crudités with ranch dressing, a glass of red wine and a big wedge of watermelon… and a small packet of peanut M&Ms. 

As I lay in bed after this day of bingeing, and my entire digestive system revolted inside me like an army of angry ants, I wondered truthfully why I did this to myself once a week.  

On debating this I came to a clear conclusion. Every week I need a reminder of why I don’t eat this kind of food more often. Equally, banning oneself entirely from anything only makes it more deliriously attractive. Therefore, pre-determined moderation wins, by allowing for small deviations whilst also mitigating any banning fuelled binges. 
(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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