114. Tomb 


We are all completely and blissfully ignoring the reality that will befall us all in 20, 50 or 67 years, days, minutes or seconds time; or any other moment in the future. We will all die. It’s clear to say, easy to understand, yet completely and utterly irreconcilable within our own mindset surrounding our sense of self. 

Indulge me, read this sentence inserting your name:

‘Today …….(your full name)……. Passed away, they no longer exist but in the memories of those who cared. They don’t exist any more’

Imagine not existing. It’s hardly possible. 

It’s strange. We cannot really comprehend death until it is upon us. 

On seeing this unnamed gravestone, I had only one thought surrounding the concept of death.

This tombstone, eroded and lost to the echelons of time, once meant the world to someone. A person would have laid a bouquet of flowers at it and mourned the loss. This person, would also have passed away and perhaps the same would have happened to them. 

The sad reality is that this unnamed tombstone means nothing to any person who sees it today. It is but a slab of stone.

We don’t exist long, that’s why we try and ignore the uncomfortable reality of our imminent demise. 

While we do exist, it is therefore utterly paramount that we give people a beautiful collection of memories to revisit upon once we are gone. This is the only way that we will continue to exist in a valuable way beyond our limited lifespan. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Toronto, 2016) 


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