115. Tall

I sat in the bath yesterday and let the water envelop my freshly gymmed skin. As I relaxed, I closed my eyes and extended my legs, to stretch them out. On opening my eyes I had a startling moment of, peculiar, realisation as to how far away my feet actually are from my face. As if depth perception had been suddenly switched on in my head, I almost had vertigo looking at my own feet. It made me wonder, quite ridiculously, how much shorter I would be should my limbs be switched; with my arms in my leg sockets and vice versa. After a good few moments pondering, my mind wandered elsewhere and this whole experience was relegated to the deeper recesses of my mind in a file necessarily named ‘Never again’. 

In short, Yesterday I finally came to terms with the notion of being tall. It’s taken me 26 years. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Las Vegas, 2015) 


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