118. Shroud 


The clouds swallowed the skyline the other day and it fuelled a train of thought that far surpassed, and corrected, that of my usual course for a morning walk to work. I got to thinking about how much we take for granted with regards to space and time, and how little we actually know about either. 

Time, for the most of us, is somewhat hard to actually quantify. Aside from our linear experiences from life to death and the human attributions that structure what lies in between, there is little a non scientific mind can say about time itself. Can we prove when it started and when it will end? What is its ultimate purpose? Is it anything more than a human lens created to construct meaning?

Most of us never even stop to think about this, not once in the 75 odd years we spend on this planet. 

Space, is another hard to quantify reality. We exist on a planet that most will never leave and the majority of us must suspend our imagination to hold lasting faith as to the truth about stories of distant moons, planets and stars. Even if taking this for granted, how do we even begin to approach the concept of infinity or black holes that can act as portals into different ends of the Galaxy? 

Once more, many would not consider this. Nor question it, leaving the thoughts to the scientists and philosophers.

In short, on my walk to work the abnormal cloud shroud brought my mind to a place where I thought of something that many will ever even question. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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  1. Joseph says:

    A very complicated thought chain, did you find any answers?

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    1. eliwoodbine says:

      Haha I am often sidetracked by deep thought. In truth I’m working on a book on the topic of life and death.. And this plays into it. In short, I didn’t find answers but I am extending the deadline I’m giving myself to 😉


      1. Joseph says:

        Wow are you an author by profession or is this an amateur pursuit? I study time and space from an academic perspective so have a view on it too

        Liked by 1 person

      2. eliwoodbine says:

        An author on an amateur basis but I aim to make it a profession further down the line. My belief structure surrounding space and time relates to more philosophical grounds, particularly existentialism. That said, the science of it completely fascinates me too; I adore cosmology.

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