121. Superhero 


My good friend, who is a graphic designer, has started a new project that is well worth checking out. He meets every day people and absorbs their personalities and auras and then creates superhero characters from these. The above is mine. He promises that the best of these will be featured in his upcoming superhero comic. He also builds character profiles, this is mine:

The Person:

This person is a positive soul who always tries to see the best in life no matter what is happening. He’s always there to help those around him, even if its in more of a forceful blunt way. He’s hilarious ..or at least he thinks he is!

The Power:

His ability is creating Forcefields. He is very protective of others with his forcefields and he can use them offensively too. He can change the force at which they repel the enemy or object. This is a great plus because it means that he can use the forcefield as a mode of transport ..just bouncing down the street. Its great and it’s pink!

If you want to see more: 


If you want to be turned into a superhero, then please email my friend Ashley at ashleykime@hotmail.co.uk


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