122. PCOC

Recently I have been making decisions on a whim. 4 days ago I decided I wanted a boat, like the one pictured. 3 days ago I started learning for my boating licence (PCOC). 1 day ago I passed it. Today I booked my first sailing lesson. I will buy a boat either this or next summer, depending on a few factors including storage and savings. I am happy that I haven’t procrastinated on this. Procrastination is a killer. Here is a poem I wrote about it. 

I could have been an Olympian, 

But I didn’t start to run. 

I could have been a richer man, 

But a job search isn’t fun! 

I could have made a real friend, 

But couldn’t be bothered to talk,

I could have climbed the mountain, 

But I didn’t fancy the walk. 

I could have had a better life, 

He said on his deathbed, 

I wish I hadn’t wasted time,

Do something, not nothing my friend. 

(Photo, Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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