123. Easter 


A letter from Eli to the Catholics 

Brothers and sisters, As you fall prostrate and reverent before a crucifix this year, much like the Israelites with the golden calf in the desert, please consider my words from love. 

Jesus IS the son of God, but only in so much as every other person who has graced this planet; who are also inherently gifted in this way. 

Jesus is not to be held to any further merit than someone who once showed an extraordinary excess of love, in comparison to the large majority of us who live lost in the pursuits of the flesh. There are many who have shared such divine qualities and have been humbled with the dignity of not being sinfully misquoted and misrepresented to propagate the progress and lasting of a forsaken human institution. 

God is love, nothing more or nothing less. God is not made man solely in Jesus, but instead in us all. It pains love to know that you do not realize this. 

Fear is the absence of love and hell is very real. But not so as eternal damnation. Hell exists around us all as the absence of love.

Jesus did not once ask you to do anything more than to love your neighbour and love other as he has loved you. The institution of the church is human, it is an elitist club exclusive to those who believe in it’s human, misplaced, rules. Jesus would be righteously disappointed should he see what he has birthed. My very brother forsake me to pursue the ‘truth’ of the church. This is not from love.

I implore you to realize that true Catholicism is spending a Sunday morning helping the infirmed, feeding the homeless or loving thy neighbour. 

While you fall in adoration to an idol this Easter, I will be loving your neighbour on your behalf. For you will be absent, you will be lost, you will be tragically mistaken and I will be waiting with loving welcoming arms imploring you to submit yourself to only love.

For love is God, God is love and nothing but love will set you free.

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Wittering, 2016) 


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