129. Train 


I grumpily sat on my severely delayed train the other morning, the very train that made me late for an excessively important conference, and internally fumed about the lacklustre structure of the transport system. What fools! How on earth can ‘they’ make such a dreadfully insufficient system? It was then that it hit me that instead of loathing imaginary fat cat bosses who cut corners when building the transport system, funnelling money aside to buy more cigars, I could put my energies to better use. So I refocused my perspective and wrote this.

Train, always late.

Grumpy face, make me wait,

Who the hell are you?

Train, carry me,

Faster please 

Won’t you take me on? 

Train, seriously, 

What is this? 

Listen to me. 

Train, Honestly, 

I hate thee, 

Move for me my friend.


Train, I’m sorry. 

I forgot. 

You are living not. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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