135. Cute 


I recently turned myself into a Powerpuff Girl character, using a faddy but fun promotional website. This photo is the final outcome, don’t I look adorable? As my peers also created their characters I soon noticed an interesting trend.

Aside from the obvious and necessary pre-qualified characteristics, such as hair and eye colour, people were creating characters that fell in line with what they intimately felt about themselves or what they wished others would see them as. 

Taking mine as an example. I have always had the desire to be cute in a way that is unnatainable for a 6foot5 bearded and tattooed man. Therefore, my Powerpuff character has enormous puppy eyes, a sweet pout and a little kitten with equally ridiculous large eyes as a companion. 

I realised, after creating my Powerpuff character, that the process had acted as a platform for me to express the side of me that I’ve always struggled to propagate in real life. 

The cuteness of this pixelated Powerpuff person is indicative of what resides with my large and lumbering man sized frame. 


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