150. Learning 


Recently, I have been attending a lot of conferences for work and these experiences have led me to deeply consider the nature of learning and how our openness to others holding truths that we may yet understand, plays a paramount role in revealing whether we will ever satiate our own personal appetite for knowledge.

Simply, the fundamental trend I’ve noticed amongst those who are not open to learning, is a defeating close-mindedness that will ensure that life will never bare them the truths that they may, or indeed likely won’t, seek. Interestingly, the successful and happy within many industries and organisations share a trait which can be easily defined as a lust for learning. Bar those who have achieved fame, or infamy, from controversially upholding a fixed perspective, this worlds high flyers are open to learning and ascertaining previously untapped truth from others.

They grow in wisdom and strength through a outlook that is liberated from self-involvement. 

In short, those with an open channel to learn from others allow themselves to grow in a way that far surpasses those who cannot open this line of communication.

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, U.K., Harry Potter Studio Tour, 2016) 


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