155. Home 

Since I was a child my mum has lovingly baked every single birthday cake that I have shared with my family. She is the Queen baker, with my sisters assuming the roles of cake-baking princesses and my brother and I as hungry bake in-cake-able (incapable?) dukes (Really went down the rabbit hole with this one). There is something really special about a home baked cake, something lost within the formative processes of a mass-produced one. I wanted to assume what went into our homemade cake with this following recipe. 

Mummy Woodbine’s Cake Recipe. 

– 1 pound of sweet memories, carefully sliced of long past fears and troubles. 

– A palmful of love, must be unconditional (conditional doesn’t allow the cake to rise) 

– A sprinkle of the infinite, for human years may pass but what we share is never lost. 

– A strong splash of grit, to offer strength for the struggles to come 

– A pinch of reality, to keep one on track. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, England, 2016) 


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