160. Glimpse 

There’s something truly magical about riding a longboard on a summers day. Between the sun that basks your route, in its pure blissful light, and the breeze that offers its cooling flow is an ethereal opportunity to sneak a glance at something more. There is a moment, every time that I longboard, where I momentarily forget who, what and where I am. A fleeting glimpse of something quite infinite. I have attempted to capture this sentiment in the following poem.

City slides past, 


Air displacing fear, 

From my less contorted face. 

Speed picks up, 


Momentum kicking in, 

My soul no longer encased.

For a moment eagle, 


Lost my joy reveals all, 

No longer human feeble, Taste. 





(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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