162. Tower 

My partner and I recently started wearing baseball caps. I am not entirely sure what triggered this fad, but I am a fan of our newly discovered hat-appreciation; our little tower of hats (pictured above) is a cute addition to our apartment. Although utterly trivial at first glance, this seemingly meaningless mound of front-brimmed headgear holds a little secret about how far we’ve come. 

Fortitude, built from hats, 

Not withstanding bullet, bombs, 

Hatchet, knife or shark attacks. 

Strong for what it means not builds, 

We stand side by side, the hills

Interweaved, compliments me, 

He is all I cannot be. 

Fortitude, built from hats,

If I stood alone, collapse.

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada 2016) 


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