169. Pizza 

Pizza continues to be effortlessly alluring to me, from the doughy base to the cheesy top, the questionable meat to the smattering of vegetables and from the indistinguishable white dipping side sauces to the warm feeling it leaves on consumption. Pizza is undoubtably a highly pleasurable food item to consume and one that I would like to ingest more regularly, but were it for one solitary reason.. 

She said no bread, 

No dairy, cheese,

No lactose, milk,

No chocolate please.

No sugar, sweet

Nor bear claw feet, 

No fun, but true..

Dentist loves me.

She said, no carbs, 

No gluten, wheat,

No substitute,


My nutritionist,

She said to me..

No carbs, no sugar, no dairy.

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, Toronto, 2016)


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