173. Space (Challenge) 

The other day I went for a coffee & writing date with my friend. I was to work on my book and he was to fulfill a writing challenge that I set him. We ended up in a beautiful Italian coffee establishment and enjoyed delicious cream filled pastries. As for his challenge, I tasked him to… 

Describe your surroundings without using the letter ‘e’.. 

Sharp and cutting across his mouth, liquid fills all and dark damp soil flavours flit amongst lips and throat. In his most unhappy day, this cozy, fragrant womb (bright shop front masking it) will hug and coo, slipping warm drinks and puff pastry down familiar umbilical cord until his mood springs skyward blossoming on that buzz found only in this shop’s dark liquid swills, bubbling froth of milk atop as though a sprout of hair grown from a brisk hot whip. This location brings comfort, familiarity and sound. Brings light and positivity.

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, Toronto, 2016)  


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