182. Experience 

My partner and I happened across an awesome little pop-up experience the other day, constructed by IKEA. The famed economic furniture outlet played host for the day to swarms of rain-dripped Torontonians and dazzled them with visial tricks and sweet chocolates. My favourite part of the exhibition was a VR (Virtual Reality) headset that you could wear to look around a new IKEA kitchen. My experience inspired this poem. 

Many forget, that what you see if not what you get, 

In every case, I said, as the old man looked on confused. 

He said it’s just VR, it’s nothing real, 

I said, I agree but that’s not how I feel, 

When I am lost inside the set that’s on my head.

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, Toronto, 2016)


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