187. Rooftop 

Life always seems to have a new and interesting way of teaching us all the lessons that we need to learn. Today’s was realising just how powerful our internal lens for seeing the world is. I had an incredible moment I wanted to summarise in these following words. In this moment my perspective was shrouded by my frustration that the project I had been working on was doomed to never work. 

Rage, life sucks,

What the actual fuck? 

My focus lost eclipsed.

My great idea is dead, no more

(Into the pool I slip)

My great idea, my future fame, 

(Splash splash, my head I dip) 

My life is shit, I’m hating it,

It’s so unfair it is. 

(consuming view) 

What should I do? 

Oh bloody fucking shit, 

My great idea 

(Descend my rear) 

(I float a little bit) 

(The sunshine shine)

Wait, stop and think.

You’re in a pool, up on a roof,

On the building where you live. 

Oh fucking fuck?

You serious?

It’s the best it’s ever been. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, Toronto, 2016) 


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