200. (200th post Special!)

Much-like this soft toy warthog, I used to feel quite regularly that I was somewhat misshapen in my existence. Yet with time I’ve come to realise that very much like all others, I am a unique collection of atoms, a strange energy trapped in a mortal cage, a creature that is here for a reason.. A reason that remains somewhat intrisincally out of grasp, and may exist perpetually so. With time, I have also come to realise the secret to happiness. Happiness is not an aspiration, but a lifestyle choice. True happiness is born on recognising and dwelling in a state of constant gratitude. Here is a little thought surrounding things that I am grateful for. 

I ate a little cake today, I’m grateful I can eat, 

I said much thanks, my stomach tanked, I’m grateful I can speak, 

I smiled quite wide, and saw his smile, I’m grateful I can squeeze,

The muscles all around my face, 

I’m grateful I am me. 

I’m grateful that I still exist, 

I’m grateful I can breathe,

I’m grateful that the sun is warm, 

I’m grateful for the sea.

I’m grateful that a day might come, 

Every night that I sleep, 

I’m grateful that although I run, 

Fear resides in my dreams. 

I’m grateful, so much so I am,

That when bad befalls me, 

I look at all I still am see,

I’m grateful till I cease. 

(What are you grateful for?) 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, Toronto, 2016) 


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