206. Green

The colour green, barring lime and other hideous bright shades, has always been quite an alluring colour to me. Particularly, due to my love of nature, wilderness and a primal urge to submerse myself into a forest and never look back. I wrote this poem about how the colour green, in an urban setting, helps me connect with gratitude. A gratitude that the rat race hides away. 

5:59pm, so hectic then, 

The suited ladies, name-badged men, 

A lost octogenarian, 

All on their way home. 

6:01pm, the hustle swells,

The streetcar sounds it’s peeling bells, 

A driver screams ‘fuck you to hell’

And masses spin and spew. 

6.03pm, against all odds, 

A smile as I see natures bods, 

A silent smile down from the god

The tree shines brilliant green. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, Toronto, 2016) 


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