225. Buns 

I had an incredible time at Pride this weekend and it was fantastic to see so much unadultured joy, flying directly in the face of the oppressive fear tactics of the communities antagonists. With global news headlines breaking almost daily, to regale us of the endless atrocities against the LGBT community, it was compellingly life-affirming to assess that the community is defiantly unfazed by the fears that others are trying to instill at its core. On a less soured sidenote, there are always a wide assortment of ‘buns’ on show at Pride (pun intended). Pictured above are a pair that I wasn’t, however, quite prepared for. I wrote this haiku about these very buns. 

Rabbits do not care, 

If you’re LGBTQ, 

They see only love.

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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