229. Drone

Drones, or the concept of publicly available short haul flying cameras, were once a thing of utopian science fiction. Yet, today they blitz around our skylines, capturing moments whilst whirring excitedly. With scientists and tech-dreamers working on the next iterations of these light flying machines, as well as other technologies such as flying cars, it’s strange to think that these once utterly unfeasible ambitions are slowly becoming part of our normal everyday lives. There are multiple occasions in our short human history when it was declared that we had conquered all that there is to be mastered – and then comes something new. I turn my thought to what is currently deemed impossible, what will come next from the left-field, and what utopian idea our human desire will drive us to actualise. I wrote this haiku to summarise my sentiment. 

Dissipate atoms, 

Reform at the other end,


(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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