232. 5am

As the piercing glow of the early morning sun sliced through the encasing clouds, I was filled with an awe that’s never inspired a person who is yet to try exploring the world at 5am. Having hit the 6th kilometre, as someone who is new to this healthy passtime, I was in dire need of a reminder as to why I was taking this challenge on. The universe provided this for me in excess, through reminding me of the simple cosmic beauty of an everyday morning sunrise. As I jogged I closed my eyes and spread my arms in a flying stance, and for a moment I flew. I glimpsed what exists beyond the blink of the human eye. Here is what I saw, in poem form. 

My head it fixes all I see, 

Visual theatrics can deceive, 

But in the moments pure and true, 

I am more than me. 

I lose, momentarily, 

Seeing, temporarily, 

Beyond the veil of entity,  

Through the casing, gravity, 

Escaped the husk, 

Finally free. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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