235. Scope 

When making big decisions in life it is always important to understand the very personal lens our mind casts over what we interpret and how we should always have the scope to include more objective reasoning. I wrote the following poem about how we need to be careful that our fears, preconceptions and emotionally wrapped reasonings don’t infest our rational decision making process.

I saw a screaming angry man,

He said fuck you, 

He hated me, 

He looked right through, 

And blatantly, 

Did not enjoy my smile.

Reminded me of my old man, 

A guy who screamed at me as well, 

He said go die and burn in hell,

He seems so very mean.

I take a step back, 

Close my eyes, and when reopened realise,  

That he has a knife in his chest,

My hand clasping the hilt. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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