252. Derrière 

Without trying to sound puerile or perverted, I wanted to elucidate as to the human condition by telling you about one part of my anatomy that has been a cause for ridiculous levels of emotional concern over the years. Today, I wish to talk about my butt. For the years when I was 320lbs (that’s around 150lbs overweight for my height) I used to have a rather big butt and hated it. Having lost the weight, I now have a much more pert derrière, but question whether it is now too small. This, albeit silly, example shows that one can rarely be content with what one has and that the grass tends to always be slightly greener on the other side. I wrote this haiku about the solution. 

Eww, it was gross, big. 

Now it’s smaller, not enough? 

Oh well, he likes it.

(Photo – Eli Woodbine’s Butt, Canada, Toronto, 2016) 


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  1. Haha..happens with everyone of us! 😀

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    1. eliwoodbine says:

      Haha the human condition. Thanks for your comment. Eli

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