274. Odd

This intrinsically odd sketch of a lizard man on an art shop door made me smile the other day, partially for its peculiar proportions, but also because it seemed completely unnecessary. It got me wondering about the very concept of necessity and how regularly we deem, at least in my circle of peers, things to be necessary that are in fact not. Beyond shelter, fire, food and water, nothing is truly a necessity (arguably love too). Yet we rely on mobile devices, social media and the internet as if they were. I wrote this haiku whilst down that rabbit hole.

Internet, my friend,
How can I live without you? 

I’ll search on Google. 

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Toronto, 2016) 


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  1. Thys says:

    “Necessity” is a very arbitrary concept as you so eloquently put it… Love the haiku 🙂

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    1. eliwoodbine says:

      Thanks for the kind words Thys. It’s incredible how detached we all are from the reality of just how lucky we are. Eli.

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      1. Thys says:

        Indeed, Recently I’ve found myself thinking more about “these things” T

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      2. eliwoodbine says:

        As it is always important to 🙂 Eli.


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