305. Dome 

About how the sky sometimes feels like the dome of a snow globe, and how as inhabitants of the dome we cannot comprehend the beauty that extends beyond the sky we see… 

Dome, oh master,

Why glaze my gaze? 

I cannot see beyond, digress,

No far objects of interest,

Cosmic darling, dear temptress, 

Will you set me free?

(Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 


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  1. And that inverted bowl we call the sky
    where crawling, cooped, we live and die
    look not to it for help for it
    as impotently moves as you or I.

    Probably mis-quoted…but once upon a time I thought that was depressing. Now it’s just, “Really pretty clouds today!” 🙂

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    1. eliwoodbine says:

      What a wonderful quote. Apologies for my ignorance but where is it from?

      Joy and despair are only inches apart.


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      1. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. It was my dad’s favorite poem, essentially his “bible.” Omar Khayyam was a Sufi mystic (which I didn’t know when I was growing up and hearing this from my dad). Then later, I came to love the poetry of Rumi and Kabir and learned that I’d been spoonfed this Sufi stuff since childhood. My dad died at 45 of MS and I think this poem was his instruction kit for how to live with the knowledge that he would not have a long life, etc. Anyway, it captures in some of its verses that “crack” between ecstasy and grief. http://classics.mit.edu/Khayyam/rubaiyat.html

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      2. eliwoodbine says:

        This is incredible. I certainly do love the little I know of the Sufi Mystics. Will certainly look into this more.

        I’m glad to hear your dad made peace with the world. Most don’t, even if they live beyond his years.

        I will most certainly dig deeper into this once I’m done with Wittgenstein.

        Thanks for sharing.


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