437. Broke

About my lack of emotion in the last few days…  If tears were cash,  Then I’d be broke,  If notes were laughs, I’ve none.  (Photo, Eli Woodbine, UK, 2015) 

308. Tow 

About memories..  Forever in tow, Toughest to unknow,  All the tiny things we weren’t. (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 

149. Sunshine 

  The power that the weather has on my mood is pretty remarkable at times. Whether it be psychologically ingrained into the fabric of my being, or indeed not, I will always argue that a sunny day will invariably be a happier one than a day spent cowering below a lifeless grey sheet. Blue-sky sunny…

38. Emotion 

  During a Whatsapp conversation with a dear friend recently, I innocently typed a heartfelt message that ended up making a lasting impact on our joint visions of the world and helped her come to terms with the fact that she was a highly emotionally sensitive person; much like myself. This message made such an…

19. Mood

  Living in London has its perks, it is after all a city steeped in history, rife with culture and not lacking in charm. That said, it is also a highly overpopulated, intensely busy, and in many ways cluttered in a way that is conducive of stress and frustration: especially to an anxious mind. Living…