389. Taste 

About my love of wholesome snacks…  A tasty bite, and healthy one,  Good for my mind, And for my tum. (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016) 

232. 5am

As the piercing glow of the early morning sun sliced through the encasing clouds, I was filled with an awe that’s never inspired a person who is yet to try exploring the world at 5am. Having hit the 6th kilometre, as someone who is new to this healthy passtime, I was in dire need of…

211. Running 

I find it hard to quell my minds ceaseless pursuit of progress. As a highly motivated, tenacious, champion of action over procrastination, I often find myself frazzled by the multitudinous projects that I am spinning like plates; soon destined to smash. I find it hard to rest. I also find it hard to be patient….

72. Nudist 

  I have spent a considerable time of late on Wards Island, Canada. It is lovingly referred to by the local community as Toronto’s garden and is a truly beautiful place. As I have been visiting completely off season the island has been almost entirely desolate, with all the small shops and stands boarded up and…