442. Beardlessness

About my recent beardlessness… So much more has changed, Than hair extracted, From my face. (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2017) 

438. Mend 

About making pizza last night…  Dough for the low, Low, beat of my heart, Basil calms hassle, Tasseled to all I start, Cheese is the crowd please, Sleaze to the soul,  There’s mushroom for friends, Sheltered here from the cold. (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2017) 

436. Tired 

About crippling tiredness…  Crimson shafts of rage, Eminate, From the only place where energy,  Remains.  (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Toronto, 2017)

435. Off

About the days when I just want to be alone…  If I had wings, Of simpler things, A life of froth,  Need not take off.  (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2017) 

434. Socialise 

About making friends…  It’s not easy to find friends, I sighed.  As I sat smiling, Socialise.  (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2017) 

433. Stamp

About the morning after the night before…  It’s ghostly blue,  Revealing, faded fun,  And liquor quaffed, consumed,  By me and you.  (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2017) 

432. Twelve 

About my current progress on a 56 book challenge for 2017…  12 authors taught me little things, From how em-peror penguins sing, To the fine art of flourishing, And how to play in stocks.  About life after civil war,  And how to trick our tastebuds sure,  And all I did in this galore, Was side…

426. Bridge 

About living a life of meaning…  There’s a bridge between our daily chores, And yawn – work – boring, Corporate snores. It leads to meaning, one and all,  On it we trudge to truth.  At first our bridge is rather small, An untrained muscle, will we fall?   And though it seems the end will…

425. Reboot 

About my little health blip… System error: Reboot Failed, Start up in safe mode?  Enter, Yes, Enter, Quilt, Enter, Bed  System Booting: 1%  (Photo -Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2017) 

424. Flu

About my tedious, irksome health failure… There’s a panoramic winter view,  And tasty lentil, spilt bean stews, And plenty joyous things to do,  If you’re not me, and my flu.  (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2017) 

423. Clearing 

About how I feel in nature..  Out in the clearing, I suddenly hear it, I let go of steering, My suffering clearing.  (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2017) 

422. Decayed 

About my current flu…  Dear hateful pox, I must protest,  With all my whitest, white blood cells, Against your new assault.  Although my soul rejoices still,  My body lives decayed of will, And I will sip my hot drink til, You lose, this ain’t my fault.  (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Toronto, 2017)